How to implement Mr Wolf platform in your organization?

White Paper

Unlock your company efficiency with Automation, Machine Learning & NLP!

If you are interested in the implementation of automation in your Customer Service this document is dedicated especially for you. You don’t have to fill any contact forms to download.


What’s inside?
  • How to integrate Mr Wolf with any Service/Help Desk, Call Center, CRM, Email or any other request queue/source?
  • How to develop, deploy and manage platform?
  • How does the containerization look like?

„The unblocking accounts and resetting passwords process, which was previously performed entirely manually, is now done almost 100% automatically, without the manual help of consultants, who intervene only in emergency situations. Each request is recorded, which allows you to track its history and review the statistics of the whole process execution.”

Rafał Mońka - TU Europa

Rafał Mońka – Director of the Information Technology Department of Europa Group

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